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Pollfish persona profile is even better.

Making market research relevant and meaningful.

Survey analysis has moved a long way from the time of age, gender, location and income targeting. Gone are the days researchers had to blindly stumble about, trying to understand their audience.

Pollfish is using advanced data science and algorithms to give you even more insights about your survey data and the users who responded.

Survey personas

Personas as a targeting option

Now you can slip on your Pollfish Personas life jacket and swim confidently in the market research ocean. Don't worry about navigating through waves of inferred social media data or browsing data.

Pollfish Personas guaranteee you smooth sailing.

Personas in results

So who are you? An experienced marketer or a novice? No matter which one, we make it simple for everyone to understand who their target audience really is.

How: You get a chart. The lines are aligned according to the responses collected, pointing out your audience's characteristics. Select specific questions to look at and the alignment changes. Just like that. You have everything you need to know about this key segment of your audience.

Now, go forth and use this deeper understanding of them in order to make better decisions. Pollfish has set you free, the rest is up to you.

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These are the personas currently available on our platform. We are stepping things up with more personas coming soon for you to choose from.

The Traveler

Likes to discover new places to visit, as well as points of interests, such as hotels and museums.

The Musicfan

Enjoys using his/her smartphone for listening to music, likes to be up-to-date for music news and get notified about concerts and music events.

The Productivity

Likes to engage with his/her colleagues and use business applications in order to be productive.

The Bookworm

Enjoys reading books, references and magazines, as well as use his/her smartphone for education-related applications and games.

The Socialite

Likes to stay connected with his friends, as well as post on blogs and social networks.

The Sportsfan

Likes to use his/her smartphone for exercise tracking, monitor his/her health status, as well as stay tuned about his/her favourite sports.

The Gamer

Enjoys to play and discover games.

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Does your child love the possibility of an adventure despite being limited to his room? If yes, then you should help your child explore his adventurous nature by giving him or her the opportunity to indulge in coloring pages with the camel, as the animal in focus.

Camels are known as adventurous animals as they roam the desert. Your kid will enjoy learning about the ‘Ship of the Desert’ too. Therefore, this exercise will not only keep him occupied, it will allow him to live out his boyhood fantasy of riding a camel in the desert – even if it is just on paper.

The outlined coloring pages will help him stay within the lines when coloring with crayons, also by improving his hand-eye coordination. He will also have something fun to talk about with his playschool friends when he tells them about all the fascinating things he has learned about camels.


These camel coloring sheetswill familiarize your kid with the camel. You can teach him how camel is a productive and hardworking animal. He will also know about their offspring and other facts and features which will serve as a great educational tool with the help of these camel pictures to color:

This is an apt picture to start things off. You can provide an introductory lesson on the camel before he starts coloring this image.

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Photo: Salah Abdeslam was flanked by masked guards during the court proceedings. (Reuters: Emmanuel Dunand/Pool)
Related Story: 'I am not afraid of you': Paris attacks suspect refuses to answer Belgian court

A Belgian judge has sentenced Salah Abdeslam, the prime surviving suspect in the 2015 Islamic State attacks on Paris, to 20 years in prison over a shootout with police in Brussels in 2016.

Abdeslam's co-defendant Sofien Ayari also received a 20-year term for attempted terrorist murder.

While his lawyer argued Abdeslam, 28, should be acquitted because of a procedural error, prosecutors had charged him with attempted murder over the Brussels shootout, days before his arrest, and called for a jail term of 20 years.

However, the court said the "terror character" was clearly established in the March 2016 shooting, four months after the Paris attacks that killed 130.

Court president Luc Hennart said the two chose not to attend the reading of the verdict and sentencing.

Abdeslam attended the opening day of the trial in February but has refused to cooperate since. He is being held in a prison in northern France.

It is unclear when he will face trial over the Paris attacks.

The conclusion of the case at Brussels' ornate Palace of Justice took place amid tight security set up by the armed forces and police.

Abdeslam was close to being arrested in a hideout when he and Ayari fled while another man sprayed gunfire at police and was killed. Three officers were wounded.

Three days later, Abdeslam was captured in Brussels. Four days after that, extremists struck in the Belgian capital, killing 32 people in bomb attacks at the airport and on the subway system.

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, courts-and-trials , Steven by Steve Madden Local Patent Leather Pointed Toe Pumps QcunCa5Owz
, Bette Baretraps QZAeK4U
, Xp 20 Wine Tooled Clog t8FBiM
, Tawnna Marc Fisher LTD bWnAFHP5xU

Also not every piece of content needs to be lead-gated. I spent close to two years doing it that way. This time I just felt like letting one fly for the people to enjoy.

And finally, there's an app called Matisse x Amuse Society Capri Matisse Ea3zP
that turns saves posts and allows you to take them around on your phone or iPad so you can read them at your leisure.

Thanks for the feedback.

Joe Robison

There's also a "Send to Kindle" Chrome extension to send to your Kindle or Kindle App. Or the handy invention of printing to PDF!

Brian Dean
ALDO Gisel Caged Studded Detail Strappy Dress Sandals JOAAcDC1A

This has Moz post of the year written all over it, Mike.

Lots to take in here, but one of my favorite insights was using the Google Display Planner for demographic research. I mean, that's an amazing tool sitting right in front of me that I never thought to use in that way.

As a Moz reader and Four Hour Workweek fan, I have to say that I Mozzy Smurf was pretty spot on.

Great work!

Tee Rachel Zoe 7cD9pRXr
Palmerton Trail Woolrich a58HtNo

Hey Brian,

That's awesome and you'd definitely be someone that I'd want to interview or survey if I did this process for Moz for real. And yes, the Display Planner is pretty cool. Before that we all used the DoubleClick Adplanner which basically gave the same data. At first I was upset that they killed it, but it's actually better that they've integrated it into the Adwords suite.

Thanks for reading!

Ondrej Coufalik

Awesome Mike,

you have exceeded my "almost ready" article more than 10 times. Have you considered converting the article into an ebook? It would increase the value of it because we can download it and read it at home when having holidays :)

Womens Louisville Cardinals Floral Flip Flop Sandals NOuqt43CC

I could and I may, but in this case I just wanted to post it here for the people to do with as they see fit. I feel like I've done enough e-books anyway. I'd rather write an actual book at this point.


Thanks for sharing this Mike. I really appreciate your effort in creating a very interesting topic. I gained more knowledge about the role of personas in my digital marketing campaign and how I'm going to use it to achieve more positive results.

René Hansen

Great post that surely will benifit many marketeers! It is a huge cost saver too, because we can focus on targeting the right customer and thereby increasing ROI, with a proper budget.

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